Charan-Boyapati-Danayya war

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Ever since Ram Charan released a press note on his film becoming a flop, all sorts of stories have been doing the round. With Ram Charan not mentioning director Boyapati’s name in the press note, several speculations started on the social media. Meanwhile, the buyers of ‘Vinaya Vidheya Rama’ in the full run suffered a loss of Rs.30 crore. Though the film was flop producer Danayya had saved himself as he had already sold the movie to buyers. However, with the latest decision by Ram Charan, producer Danayya and Ram Charan together began efforts to compensate buyers for the losses.

Danayya and Charan said to have decided to return Rs.15 crore out of total loss of Rs.30 crore. Ram Charan is stated to be returning Rs.5 crore from the remuneration he had taken. Danayya is also arranging another Rs.5 crore. He is reported to have gone to Boyapati for the rest of the money. Danayya asked him to return half of his remuneration. Boyapati, who was already unhappy over press note issue, told him that he will give only one-and-half crore back but can’t give Rs.5 crore.

Ram Charan was unhappy with Boyapati over the film becoming flop. Now with Boyapati refusing to give back part of remuneration, Charan appears to be frustrated. On the other hand a war of words has broken out between Danayya and Boyapati. The talk in Film Nagar is that all have come together to target Boyapati. Overall, everybody on social media is spreading all sorts of stories on hero-director-producer war.

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