Chiranjeevi lifts TRP ratings

Big Boss season 1 was superb, season 2 was average and now season 3 has been described as okay. Big Boss season 3 hosted by Nagarjuna looked okay initially but in the middle it became very dull. Star Maa made all efforts to improve the rating but this did not work. Big Boss leaks became headache for Star Maa owners. There were leaks on social media how the organizers tried to save eliminated contestant. This brought down the rating of the programme. Realising that this will not help, they invited megastar Chiranjeevi for Big Boss final episode. However, Chiranjeevi was seen in action in the last one hour of the final episode.

However, with Nagarjuna hosting, dances by hot heroines and activity by Big Boss contestants gave Star Maa super TRP ratings for the final episode of season 3. Big Boss final episode got 18.29 rating. However, this was only for the performance of Nag and heroines. Subsequently, due to the comedy done by Chiru on small screen for the last one hour, TRP ratings saw huge jump. Big Boss last hour episode got 22.4 rating. This shows how Chiranjeevi mesmerized the TV audience.

The way Chiranjeevi spoke to Big Boss contestants, his expressions, mannerism and comedy all impressed everyone. As expected the final episode raced ahead in the ratings. Big Boss season 3 final episode crossed even the season 1 and 2. The rating which was low initially rose sharply in the end,

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