Comedian’s business hit by Coronavirus

Coronavirus has hit the film industry too. The film shootings are coming to a halt. Similarly movie functions are being postponed. There are also reports that theatres may also be shut down. Meanwhile, a comedian is scared of coronavirus. He is Bandla Ganesh, who made re-entry as comedian with Sarileru Nekevvaru. Bandla Ganesh, who had distanced himself from comedy and production for some time, had expected to race ahead with Sarileru Nekevvaru but he got negative feedback for his comedy in that movie. Now what is Bandla’s problem with coronavirus.

Messages have been doing rounds on the social media asking people not to eat chicken due to coronavirus. It is said that if one eats chicken he will definitely get coronavirus. Because of these messages the poultry industry has taken a huge hit. Though KTR, politicians have been saying that chicken is safe, people are not paying a heed. As a result chicken and egg business has slumped. Are you wondering how is Bandla Ganesh is connected with this. While doing movies, Bandla Ganesh had also become a businessman. He is a poultry businessman in Telangana. Bandla has many poultry farms in Shadnagar. If Bandla does not have any movies on hand, he will be busy in poultry business there. Bandla has been doing chicken and egg business for a long time. He is one of the big poultry businessmen in Telangana. With poultry business suffering a huge setback due to coronavirus, Bandla Ganesh is very concerned. He is said to have told his friends that he suffered huge loss in the business

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