Comedians caught between them

Nagababu has officially come out of ‘Jabardast’. Nagababu’s laughing journey with ‘Jabardast’ came to an end last Friday. Nagababu has left ‘Jabardast’ and prepared for comedy shows to be telecast on Zee Telugu. After Nagababu left ‘Jabardast’, there is still no clarity on who will take his place as the judge. However, there is a talk that ‘Jabardast’ comedians are caught in a dilemma between Nagababu and another judge Roja. Along with Nagababu, top comedians like Chammak Chandra have also left the show. However, comedians like Sudigali Sudheer, Adhire Abhi and Hyper Aadi are still with ‘Jabardast’. Out of anger towards ‘Jabardast’ producers, Nagababu tried to pull the comedians towards him but likes of Sudigali Suheer and Rashmi silently remained in the show. Nagababu is said to have called ‘Jabardast’ comedians to his house, gave them a party and asked them to come out of ‘Jabardast’ along with him.

There is a talk in Filmnagar that he not only asked them to come out but also issued a mild warning. However, Roja also called ‘Jabardast’ comedians and told them that ‘Jabardast’ gave them the livelihood and it is not proper to kick the same organisation. Comedians are caught in a dilemma as to what will happen if they make Nagababu unhappy or how will be their future if they do not heed to Roja. Next week, we will come to know who are all left in ‘Jabardast’ and who succumbed to Nagababu’s threats.

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