Confidence in politics deals blow

Vijay Devarakonda Taxiwala

Movies made in the backdrop of Tamil politics are liked by audiences there. That’s why many Tamil directors make films in the backdrop of politics. In these movies, Tamil politics is also shown as colourful. Karunanidhi, MGR, Jayalalitha and lately Sasikala and Palani Swamy are the politicians who made Tamil politics dramatic. That’s why the audiences there show lot of interest in movies with political drama. This was the reason, Tamil director Anand Shankar with Telugu actor Vijay Devarkonda as the hero, made ‘Nota’. The film was made in complete political background.

Tamil industry did not take interest

The film shows how CM’s son becomes CM and changes political system. Tamil audiences did not like this film. ‘Nota’ was dubbed in Telugu but it ran in theatres with disaster talk. Now, Murugadoss has also made a movie ‘Sarkar’ based on politics with Vijay as the hero. In ‘Sarkar’ CEO of a big company loses his vote but the lone man in India fights for his vote and ensures that the elections are held again just for himself. Murugadoss had depicted in this movie what appears to be cinematic. Re-elections being held for an individual and when provoked by political leaders contesting against the chief minister, thus Murugadoss has made Sarkar’ a pure political film. However, the film has weak story, screen play lacks the grip, music is without melody and Murugadoss mark is missing. With all these negative points, ‘Sarkar’ became flop in Telugu on the very first day while it got average feedback in Tamil. This year two Vijays worked in Tamil films made in the political background and both failed to click.

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