Craze for NTR biopic in overseas market

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The shooting of NTR biopic being made in Balakrishna-Krish combination is progressing briskly. Under Krish’s direction, Balakrishna is playing the role of his father NTR. Rana in the role of Chandrababu will be another attraction of the movie. Rana looks exactly like Chandrababu. Considering this, one can imagine how Krish is going to portray NTR in this biopic. NTR biopic has huge expectations, not just in Telugu states but overseas.

This can gauged from the price NTR biopic is getting there. Balayya’s movies in the past had no such craze in the overseas market. That’s why those movies did not get huge price. However, in view of the high expectations from NTR biopic, the film is said to have already received Rs.20 crore offer. Balakrishna’s movies in the past never got this kind of offer and this indicates the huge craze for NTR biopic in the overseas market. With this movie, Balakrishna appears set to score a hit.

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