Crorepati or thief?

Rao Ramesh

For the first time in the combination of Mahesh Babu and Anil Ravipudi, a comedy entertainer ‘Sarileru Nekevvaru’ is being made. The shooting of this movie is currently going on at a brisk pace on the special train sets erected at Annapurna Studio in Hyderabad. It is learnt that the film will have hilarious comedy dialogues. Anil Ravipudi is said to be making an amazing comedy. With ‘Sarileru Nekevvaru’ former comedian Bandla Ganesh will be making a re-entry into films. There is a word doing round that Bandla Ganesh is charging Rs.5 lakh per day to shoot for ‘Sarileru Nekevvaru’.

There is a talk that this movie will have intense comedy scenes filmed on train. Bandla Ganesh has played a crorepati. While travelling in a train, he doesn’t know how to behave and by talking whatever he likes he made audience laugh. Now it is being said that Bandla Ganesh is playing the role of a thief in ‘Sarileru Nekevvaru’. By picking the pocket of Rao Ramesh traveling in the train and through his role he resorts to hilarious comedy. Not just in train episode, Bandla Ganesh will also make people laugh in the marriage episode in the movie climax. Along with Bandla Ganesh many comedians will be acting in this movie. This film is being made with the target to release on Sankranti next year.

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