Deletions not going to help ‘Nota’

If a film gets negative feedback, there will be no use of making any additions or deletions? This is what makers of ‘Nota’ are doing with this movie. With ‘Nota’ getting negative feedback, Vijay Devarkonda has made a master plan. He got ready to delete some unnecessary scenes from the film. In fact this method is being adopted for a long time. Once the film gets negative feedback, they cut some scenes. Makers hope that this fine tuning will help in bringing audiences to theatres. However, there are no examples of any film succeeding by adopting this method.

By following this method, Vijay has deleted two episodes in the second half which the audiences felt boring. The runtime of these two episodes is about 11 minutes. This means these 11 minute scenes will not be there in the film. The film unit believes that deleting these episodes will help in attracting the audiences. The film was released on Friday. While the crowd was okay on the first day, the numbers fell drastically from the morning shows of Saturday. In such a situation, no matter how many scenes are deleted it doesn’t help. In the first weekend, ‘Nota’ occupancy was not more than 40 percent. When this is the occupancy rate in the first weekend, one can understand what will be the situation by Monday. In addition to this, NTR’s ‘Aravinda Sametha’ is going to be released in another week. ‘Aravinda’ will have its impact on ‘Nota’.

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