Despite utter flop Sudheer going to be his hero

As a comedian in ‘Jabardast’ Sudigali Sudheer elevated to the hero’s level. Sudheer, who became very popular with anchor Rashmi in ‘Dhee’ and ‘Jabardast’, turned a hero. However his first film ‘Software Suheer’ was an utter flop. Except Sudheer’s dance and performance, there was nothing in this movie. Old story, boring screen play and all became its minus points and as a result ‘Software Sudheer’ proved utter flop. The producer, who made the film with a budget of Rs.3 crore, suffered the loss. On the first day the film had Rs.30 lakh collections due to Sudheer’s image but in the final run it had collections of one and half crore rupees.

However, producer Shekhar Raju claimed that he made Rs.5 crore from this film. He said ‘Software Sudheer’ not only gave him the profit but he is also planning to make another movie with Sudheer. Not just this. He also said that he will make a hit movie with Rashmi and Sudheer, the pair which became popular with ‘Something something’. Going by this, Shekhr appears to have really made profit. Only he and hero Sudheer know the truth.

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