Differences between Vijay, Geeta Arts

Geetha Govindam’ is nearing the release time. ‘From Allu Arvind to director Parshuram all are praising hero Vijay. However, the reality is said to be different. The inside talk is that Vijay is not cooperating for the film’s publicity. He is said to be giving nightmares to people connected with Geetha  Arts.

With ‘Arjun Reddy’ giving him good fame, Vijay has set up a separate PR team for himself. Hero Vijay follows the ideas given by the team about promotions. As part of the promotion of ‘Taxiwala’, the team made a video with children. That’s how the team gives ideas. It implements those ideas which are liked by Vijay.

In the matter of ‘Geetha Govindam’ too he wanted to implement the ideas given by the team. However, Geetha Arts already has a PR team. This team works as per the ideas and suggestions of the higher-ups in Geetha Arts. This team is said to have planned videos, press meets etc for the film’s promotion. When Vijay was told about this he agreed. Later, after discussion with his team, he asked them to change the time or said no. Geetha Arts people are said to be angry over this. There is talk that this is not the only film where Vijay is behaving like this. He is doing the same in case of ‘Taxiwala’.

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