Dil Raju is very careful with Pawan

At the political programmes, Pawan Kalyan delivers his speeches alone but he does not allow any other leader to either speak or sit along with him. Does Pawan feel that except Modi and Chandrababu, no one else is eligible to sit with him on the dais? Ever since Jana Sena was formed except Pawan’s speech, no other speech was heard. Pawan makes sure that he alone sits on the stage. This is how Pawan Kalyan behaves. In movies, the producers and directors working with Pawan Kalyan have to be very careful. If Balakrishna gets angry, he thrashes anybody, not just fans. When Pawan Kalyan gets angry, it will be very tough. This may affect the career of the person involved.

Pawan Kalyan, who has made a re-entry into movies, is doing ‘Pink’ re-make. There are huge expectations from this movie being made under Dil Raju banner. However, there is a talk that Pawan is being paid a whopping Rs.50 crore remuneration for 30-35 days call sheets. Dil Raju is ready to do anything for Pawan. Realising that both movies and politics are important for Pawan, Dil Raju arranged a chartered flight for him. Dil Raju, who has decided to be very careful with Pawan Kalyan, is seen with Pawan as long as he is there on the sets. Dil Raju is personally taking care of everything and after the shooting he is even accompanying Pawan up to the flight so that he leaves for the political engagements without any problem. Dil Raju is said to be doing all this due to the tension that Pawan may suddenly pack-up due to the heat in AP politics. With Pawan also giving dates to Krish, Dil Raju is keen to complete Pawan Kalyan episode at the earliest so that later he can manage other things without him. Dil Raju is making sure that he does not invite the wrath of Pawan.

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