Dil Raju to compensate 1 crore losses

Despite the tall claims that Mahesh Babu’s ‘Maharshi’ is a big hit, except in Nizam, the film has not made money in any other area. Though the film ran for three weeks due to lack of competition, it did not become a hit to the level expected by the film unit. Dil Raju, Vamshi Paidipally and Mahesh Babu are claiming that ‘Mahaishi’ is a super duper hit  They are doing this to make sure that buyers face no losses because if they suffer losses they may have to compensate the same. From the beginning ‘Maharshi’ has been facing trouble in the overseas market. Now the latest is that the film has not become a hit there and distributors are worried over not even recovering the money they invested.

However, it is said that Dil Raju has done a secret deal to compensate the overseas distributors for 50 percent of the losses. There ‘Maharshi’ suffered a loss of two crore in three weeks. In the long run it may earn 10,000 dollars more. However, the film will not touch 2 million mark. The overseas buyers can’t escape from loss of two crore. That’s why Dil Raju is said to be compensating losses to the tune of one crore. This is because Dil Raju is said to have sold ‘Maharshi’ overseas rights with the agreement that whether the films earns profits or makes losses he will have 50 percent share.



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