Mahesh’s green signal to Director Parasuram

Director Parasuram

Director Parasuram, who gave a super hit movie ‘Geetha Govindam’, has taken long gap for his next film. He has not yet finalized as to with whom he will be doing his next movie. Parasuram is deliberately delaying it. He wants to do a movie with Mahesh Babu.     However, Mahesh is very busy. He is currently doing a movie with Anil Ravipudi. After this movie, Mahesh will once again work under the direction of Vamshi Paydipalli. However, Parasuram is determined to sign him for a movie if there is any gap between these two films. Recently Parasuram is said to have met Mahesh and narrated a story. After hearing the story, Mahesh is said to have given the assurance that he will definitely do a movie with Parshuram. When will this movie be shot is a big question. Currently Parasuram is working to ready the story for the movie with Mahesh. Similarly Vamshi Payidipalli is also readying his story. However, Vamshi takes lot of time for his stories. Preparing a script takes lot of time for Vamshi. If Vamshi movie gets delayed, Parasuram film can be launched before that. Parasuram has the same hope. If Mahesh-Parasuram movie is okayed, we have to see who will come forward to produce it. This is because this director recently came out of Geetha Arts.

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