Do you know remuneration of RRR heroes?


An interesting news about RRR being directed by Rajamouli is going viral. This is about heroes’ remuneration. Everyone is watching with keen interest as to how much Ram Charan and NTR are taking for this movie. According to the inside talk, Ram Charan and Tarak are getting Rs.30 crores each. This may be the first time that they are getting such a huge remuneration. Since Rajamouli’s movie is going to be pan India movie, Tarak and Charan both did not agree for a lesser pay.

Another star hero has entered into the list of those receiving huge remuneration. He is Bollywood star hero Ajay Devgun. Devgun is said to be playing a key role in this movie. That’s why he is said to have demanded a whopping Rs.35 crore for this film. It is said that his role will be in tune with the remuneration to be paid. Thus three major stars will be getting Rs.100 crore as remuneration. Going by this one can understand what will be the budget of this movie. Moreover, there is no need to mention as to what will be Rajamouli’s package. This is likely to be a huge budget project. Jakanna is soon going to start shooting with Ram Charan.

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