Doubts on whether ‘Maharshi’ is really a hit

Producers of ‘Maharshi’ releasing posters after posters claiming the movie to be a hit while Mahesh Babu is behaving as if he never scored such a hit in his life. Mahesh Babu, who always stays away from promotions, this time is busy in lot of activities like visiting colleges and schools and attending success meets and celebrations. However, there is a doubt in every aspect of ‘Maharishi’ as to whether this is the hit Mahesh Babu was expecting. In Nizam, ‘Maharshi’ collections were huge but in Ceded and overseas the collections were not impressive. On the other hand it is being said that in many areas it will be difficult for ‘Maharshi’ to even reach break-even.

The film has completed first week and in the second week it is completing the second week-end but in no area it has reached break-even. Like always, buyers bought theatre rights of Mahesh’s ‘Maharshi’ movie for a huge price. Even at the time of ‘Bharat Ane Nenu’ there was a publicity that the film became hit but at many places buyers had to suffer losses. Producers hushed up this to ensure that it does not come out but this time this has not happened. There is no doubt that ‘Maharshi’ is safe in Nizam. But in Ceded and overseas buyers have to bear losses of Rs.5 crore each. However, to make sure that buyers don’t come to them, the film’s producers, Mahesh, director Vamshi Paidipalli all are busy beating their own drums that the film is hit. Mahesh is even raising his collar to talks about ‘Maharshi’. It is being said that after the end of this week, a clear picture will be known about ‘Maharshi’.

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