Everyone is only praising her

This year the summer began on auspicious note with the movie ‘Majili’. Director Shiva Nirvana earned the praise for making a heart-touching film. Everyone is loving Naga Chaitanya’s acting as Purna. His acting is amazing in Purna’s character. However, Sravani’s role has put life into ‘Majili’. As Sravani, Samantha has given her career-best performance. There is no doubt in it. But what about Divyansha Kaushik who acted as the second heroine in ‘Majili’. Nobody is praising her. It is being widely publicized that ‘Majili’ is running because of Chaitu-Samantha and the film achieved break-even in just four days.

But what about Divyansha who in the first half leaves without fulfilling her obligations. As Anshu she has given good performance in the role of a north Indian girl. Chaitu loving her deeply and her deep love for him and similarly lip-lock scene with Chaitu all are liked by the audience. Naga Chaitanya- Divyansha romantic track moved nicely. It was said that Divyansha acted well but she was not focused properly. Only Chaitu and Samantha are getting all the praise. Whatever it may be, Divyansha has her contribution in making ‘Majili’ a hit.

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