Films with Pawan become comedy

Producers are caught in a dilemma with regard to movies with Pawan Kalyan. They wanted to use Pawan’s craze. They started projects with Pawan with the dreams that they can get lot of benefits. However, Pawan Kalyan is not giving priority to movies like the way he is treating politics. His attitude is such that he is doing the films without paying due attention. Dil Raju had thought something else for the film with Pawan Kalyan but he is now clueless. Dil Raju has made the arrangement of pilot to enable Pawan Kalyan to participate in the shooting. He is spending huge money for Pawan Kalyan.

He is doing this on the security of Pawan. Pawan Kalyan is currently into politics and that’s why he needs security. Now Dil Raju is said to be spending money on the security of another actor. Prakash Raj, who is acting with Pawan Kalyan in ‘Vakeel Saab’ is also a politician. These days Prakash Raj is active in politics. As he is criticizing the ruling party leaders, he faces threat to his life. When Prakash Raj is coming for the shooting of ‘Vakil Saab’ Dil Raju himself is said to be making security arrangements for him. Prakash Raj is said to be playing a lawyer opposite Pawan Kalyan. Pawan Kalyan-Prakash Raj combo scenes and court scenes are reported to be the highlights of the movie. Now like Dil Raju other producers working with Pawan also have to look after his security. In view of this it is being said that while it is not known what benefits they will get with Pawan’s craze but the movies with Pawan have definitely become a comedy.

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