Had been to hell while shooting

I had been to hell while shooting. These words are from Shalini Pandey, who acted as female lead with Vijay Devarkonda in Arjun Reddy. She said that while doing many scenes for Arjun Reddy movie, she experienced the hell. She said nothing untoward  happened during Arjun Reddy shooting but because of the hurt feelings on some other issue she felt miserable while shooting. Shalini Pandey, who has done some bold scenes and won praise for her performance in Arjun Reddy, also revealed that she left home to join the films when her parents opposed her entry into the industry.

Shalini Pandey also said after leaving her house, she came to Mumbai to live in a rented house. Since, an unmarried girl doesn’t get house on rent in Mumbai, she joined with another woman and two men to take a house on rent. She also revealed that the two men never saw her with bad intentions. She said she fell in love twice during her college days but failed in it. As she had hurt feelings over the failure in love, she had miserable time while doing certain scenes with the hero during during the shooting of Arjun Reddy. She said she completed the shooting despite feeling miserable.

Perhaps because of her experience in love, she did well the kissing scenes in Arjun Reddy without any problems. Since she had real hurt feelings, she could give real sad expression in the movie when her marriage with Arjun Reddy is called off. After Arjun Reddy hit, Shalini became busy with the Tamil movie. In Mahanati she played the character of Savitri’s friend Sushila and won the praise from audience.

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