Has Telugu heroes’ craze in US come down?

If Telugu heroes attend any event in America, the NRIs there get excited. They want to spend some time with their favourite heroes. That’s why the tickets for the programmes held there are priced high. In the past, star heroes like Chiranjeevi and Mahesh Babu attended fundraising events in the US. However, now there is a talk going around that star heroes’ craze has drastically come down. During the last one month, MAA association here has been rocked by infighting. However, even before the infighting in MAA, the Tollywood events in the US had started losing charm. Even for the fundraising event in which Chiru participated, the response was poor.

Event cancelled due to lack of response

Tollywood super star Mahesh Babu was scheduled to participate in an event in the US. Since Mahesh Babu was in the US for the shooting of ‘Maharishi’, the Telugu associations there planned an event and invited Mahesh as guest. Unexpectedly, the event was cancelled. It is being said that due to lack of response for the event, it was cancelled. Considering Mahesh’s popularity, the organizers reportedly fixed the ticket price at 2,000 dollars. Since not many people came forward to buy the tickets at such a high price, the organizers brought down the price by 50 percent. Still the response was lacking and this proves how bad is the situation there. This forced the organizers to cancel the event. We can’t understand why this change has come in the US where the fundraising events used to evoke huge response.

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