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Ever since Nagababu’s exit, ‘Jabardast’ has been inviting a new judge every week. There is still no clarity over the second judge for the show. Roja is running ‘Jabardast’ with some young hero while for ‘Extra Jabardast’ likes of Ali and Posani are coming as guest judges. Neither Ali nor Posani is impressive as judges. With fake laugh, they are looking weak before Roja. There have been reports that Nagababu’s ‘Adirindi’ show is a copy of ‘Jabardast’. These are not mere reports. If one watches the two episodes of ‘Adirindi’ telecasted so far, he will realize that they looked like old skits of ‘Jabardast’. Rashmi and Anasuya are not only making hot appearance in ‘Jabardast’ but if necessary they are turning judges alongside Roja. In ‘Adirindi’ Sameera is also looking hot but as far as anchoring is concerned she is no match to Anasuya and Rashmi.

However, whatever weaknesses we see in ‘Adirindi’ all of them have crept into ‘Jabardast’ after Nagababu left the show. There is no grip on skits and there is no life in comedy but by giving 10 out of 10 marks and claiming their skits as the best, Roja is provoking Nagababu. At a time when the show has become dull without Nagababu, she is giving 10 out of 10 to ensure that the teams are not disappointed. As a result all the teams are getting prize money of Rs.25,000. Because of this the teams appear to have become complacent as they are not trying to come out with new punches to outdo the others. Not only this, the entry of new people and several of them doing skits with their families is likely to damage ‘Jabardast’ in the future. Audiences say Posani as the second judge is not at all attractive and they are advising that some active personality be taken as the judge.

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