He makes no retreat on remuneration

Mahesh Babu

Producers queue up to do movies with Mahesh Babu. Several producers wait as to when Mahesh becomes free and when he gives the dates. Once Mahesh Babu gives green signal, many in the industry will be ready with budget of crores of rupees. However, Mahesh always play safe by doing films with big producers. If the film is average there will be no threat to Mahesh’s craze and the market. That’s why they show interest in the movies with Mahesh. However, Mahesh who works with big producers is very particular about remuneration.

This is because in the past when his father Krishna was popular as super star, some producers did movies with him but did not pay remuneration. Hence, Mahesh is strict in the matter of remuneration. For this Mahesh is said to even apply some conditions to the producers. Mahesh frankly tells them I am like this only. If you want do movies with me fine, otherwise it doesn’t matter. Now Mahesh’s mindset has changed in the matter of remuneration. He doesn’t become a partner in the film’s budget but wants share in profits. Some producers are shocked over Mahesh’s intelligence while some others come forward to do movies with him.

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