Heroines upset over Vijay’s statement

Vijay Devarakonda Taxiwala

At the trailer launch event of World Famous Lover, Vijay Devarkonda shocked everyone by announcing that this will be his last love story. It is not known if he said this to promote his film or he really wants to stop doing the loves stories. Though Vijay Devarkonda has done only two or three love stories, the image of lover boy came to be associated with him. He is eager to get mass image and that is why he is said to be making such statements. Similarly the entire industry was shocked to see Vijay’s statement.

Heroines are upset over Vijay Devarkonda’s statement that this is his last love story. Several heroines are eager to work with Vijay Devarkonda. This becomes a reality when the films are based on love stories. If the films are about mass hero, the entire focus will be on Vijay Devarkonda and the heroines will not get much importance. If it is a love story, they will also get good name along with Vijay. Vijay has acted with four heroines in World Famous Lover. One of the heroines of this movie Rashi Khanna is the first to find fault with Vijay’s statement that this is his last love story. She said that fans and audience want to see Vijay in films based on love stories and Vijay making such an announcement is not correct. She expressed the hope that Vijay will reconsider his decision on not doing the love stories.

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