How will be Chiru-Koratala movie?

Sye Raa Narasimha Reddy

Chiru will soon be doing 152nd film under the direction of Koratala. When it is Koratala-Chiranjeevi combination, one gets the feeling that this will be a pure commercial movie. For a long time Chiru’s fans are waiting to see him in a commercial film. Their wait will be over with this film. Considering the strengths of Chiru and Koratala, let us look at the different expectations and aspects.

Chiru’s fans want hero’s elevation. Coming to this point, Koratala will do it without compromising anywhere. Koratala’s movies are another name of elevations. So fans will not have to worry with regard to elevation. Coming to Chiru’s main strength dances, fans like to see good songs and dances in his films. They don’t accept Chiru’s movie without dances. Thus this will also happen as per the fans’ wishes. Another thing is comedy. Chiru’s fans always expect comedy in his films. However, there will be no comedy in Koratala’s films. In his movies, heroes will be seen in a serious mood. Thus in this movie fans should not have big expectation of Chiru’s comedy. Lastly, if Chiru gives the social message, there are many who will watch it. This movie will also fulfill the expectation. Overall, it appears to be a power packed commercial entertainer. This movie will go on to the sets in November.

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