How will Rajamouli handle fans of star heroes?


NTR and Ram Charan are working in #RRR under the direction of Rajamouli. Making a movie with two star heroes is not an easy task. The maker has to ensure that the fans of both the star heroes are equally satisfied. Otherwise hell will break lose. Rajamouli will have to face the music if he cuts down on the role of one of them. However, all this will come after the release of the movie. Rajamouli is now gripped by another tension. If Ram Charan’s Alluri looks are released first, NTR fans will be hurt. Similarly, if he fist releases NTR’s Komaram Bheem looks, mega fans will be hurt.

That’s why at #RRR press meet, Rajamouli brought both of them together for a single frame. To ensure that fans of none of them are hurt, Rajamouli revealed the roles of star heroes in a single frame. Now it is being hotly debated in the industry as to how will Rajamouli handle the fans of both the heroes while releasing more looks. Rajamouli is said to be planning to reveal Charan’s looks as Alluri on Charan’s birthday. Similarly, he wants to reveal NTR’s looks as Komaram Bheem on NTR’s birthday. He plans to release the film the next year. Charan’s birthday is coming before NTR’s birthday. If Cherry looks are released before NTR, will NTR’s fans keep quiet? Rajamouli is said to be in a dilemma. That’s why he is said to be planning to release looks of both NTR and Charan on Charan’s birthday. He plans to release teaser on NTR’s birthday.

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