Huge budget for ‘Lakshmi’s NTR’


Ram Gopal Varma’s latest sensational movie is ‘Lakshmi’s NTR’. There were reports that this film will be released on March 22. However, as per the latest information, some people suggested to Varma that instead of March 22 it would be better to release it on March 15. Varma is expected to take a decision on this in two three days. The film has already been bought. There is delay in only announcing the release date. Varma wanted to release on March 22 but some people came to him and said since election activity will begin from March 10 the revenue would be better if released on 15th.

There is a talk that Varma has agreed to this. That’s why Varma is said to be planning to release the movie on March 15 instead of March 22. There are reports that about Rs.10 crore were spent on this film. Usually Varma’s films will not have such a big budget. However, in case of this movie the budget was high. There are huge expectations from the movie. We have to wait and see if the movie lives up to these expectations or not.

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