If you say it’s alright but if I say it’s wrong ?

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Nagababu’s series of comments on social media targeting Balakrishna have triggered hot debate in industry and fans. Balakrishna’s fans are criticizing Nagababu for deliberately mocking Balakrishna. There is news on social media that Mega fans are also unhappy over Nagababu’s comments. Nagababu on Saturday attended a college function in Tamil Nadu. As soon as he came on to the dais, Balakrishna’s fans tried to disrupt his speech by raising slogan of ‘Jai Balayya’. Nagababu moved slowly and did some steps from Balayya’s movie ‘Legend’ but Balayya’s fans continued their protest. Jolted by this Nagababu retreated but later posted a video on Facebook.

Taking all precaution and without naming Balakrishna, he once again targeted Balayya. “You have been hurt by my posts in social media targeting one man. That man targeted our mega family several times that is about five times. Similarly he said he doesn’t know who is Pawan Kalyan. There is no rule that everybody should know Pawan Kalyan or our elder brother Chiru. However, my younger brother Pawan Kalyan helped the party of this man to form the government. Because of Pawan the party of this man could form the government. If such a man has no respect for Pawan that is okay..if he says he doesn’t know that is also okay, the man targeting our family that is alright but when I speak it is wrong.” Nagababu posted this video targeting Balakrishna’s fans.

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