Insult to Akshay?

Usually, when our heroes are belittled in Telugu films, we don’t keep quiet. The same is with Bollywood. Akshay Kumar’s fans are angry with Shankar for showing him as a crow in ‘2.0’ teaser. One fan did not like Akshay being portrayed as crow in the teaser. “Akshay ko kowva banadiya (He made Akshay a crow),” was how the fan expressed his anger.

The teaser was released two days ago amid high expectations. It appears that many people who saw the teaser were expecting something else. Since there was over promotion, huge hype and talk of Rs.540 crore budget, the audience were expecting that ‘2.0’ will be better than ‘Avatar’, they were disappointed with the teaser. The biggest complaint of Hindi people is that in Hindi teaser, Akshay was shown just for a second. They are wondering if filmmaker doesn’t need Hindi market.

When it is superstar Rajni’s movie, the major focus will be on him and not on Akshay. Despite knowing that Rajni is big star than Akshay, the latter’s fans are not ready to accept it. They are saying that with few more scenes of Akshay, the teaser would have better reach among Hindi audience. Some other audiences say that there is nothing new in the teaser as it was already leaked. Others say it’s difficult to show everything in a small teaser and we should wait and see how Shankar has shown Akshay in the movie. Till then whatever we talk is all waste. It will be better if Shankar reconsiders whole issue and do proper promotion in Hindi. Otherwise it will be difficult to recover.

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