Is ‘Lakshmi’s NTR’ biased?

Lakshmi's NTR Ram Gopal Varma

Whatever I am going to show is truth. Ram Gopal Varma who vowed to tell the truth to people faced flak from AP High Court while critics heaped more criticism on him. The audiences too have given a shock to the movie. ‘Lakshmi’s NTR’, which was released worldwide (except in AP) on Friday, received flop review from review writers. Not only this, the audience also couldn’t control their tongue. This is because like all other biopics Varma gave priority to doing ‘bhajan’ than showing what he knew. He not only highlighted Lakshmi Parvathi but also portrayed her as a great personality. The audience could not digest this and also NTR romancing with Lakshmi Parvathi in that age. Similarly it is a well-known fact that the dissidence erupted in the party due to Lakshmi Parvathi. It is also a fact that after Lakshmi Parvathi distanced herself, her husband Veeragandham Subbarao went to media and criticized her and NTR. Similarly it was also a truth that after the split in the party and after losing power, Lakshmi Parvathi acted politically.

Lakshmi Parvathi was innocent. For her NTR was like a god. She came to him just to write his biography. NTR was attracted by her and married. She never interfered in Telugu Desam Party affairs. Portraying her this way is something difficult to be accepted by the audience. They also did not like the extreme attempt to show Chandrababu as the villain by focusing on him in every frame and by portraying him as if something is always running in his mind. One can’t understand why the film has the songs. The production quality is missing while NTR-Lakshmi Parvathi love was not shown properly.

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