‘Kabir Singh’ is a strong movie

Kabir Singh

‘Arjun Reddy’, a trendsetter in Telugu, has been remade in Hindi with the title ‘Kabir Singh’. However, some members of civil society who watched the movie stated that they felt dying with shame. Some others questioned is this the way you portray women? However, neither director Sandeep Vanga nor hero Shahid Kapoor are reacting to these comments.

Director Sandeep has made this movie in bold manner. Without changing any scene in Hindi, he made the movie frame by frame exactly like what it was in Telugu. Since it is a Bollywood movie, this time he made it with quality. Nobody in Telugu is speaking anything about this movie but Hindi people are spreading negative talk. This is a very intense movie. Such love stories come rarely.

Sandeep also showed heroine like the way he wanted. He showed her like a very soft girl. It is not proper to trash the movie without looking at the story as a mere story. However, this had no impact on the movie. It is rocking at the box-office. In the first week-end, it was strong with net collection of Rs. 70 crore.

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