Kajal says she plays games

Kajal Agarwal

Several states in India have banned online cards games. In Telugu states, online Rummi card games were banned long ago. It is estimated that the revenue from online Rummi in Telangana and across India is Rs.12,000 crore. Many people lost even their property for these games. That’s why it is not being encouraged in Telugu states.

Several websites are trying hard to make people play online gambling. To attract the people various websites have made famous heroines as their brand ambassadors. Hot beauty Sunny Leone has been acting as the ambassador for a card games website. Now Tollywood Chandamama Kajal aggarwal has also taken the responsibility of doing publicity for a gambling site. She is not just promoting the online gaming website but she also says that she is regularly playing the Rummy online. It is a fact that many film personalities play card games. They may not be stating this publicly like Kajal but many have lost their money in this. Now we have to see who plays the games with inspiration from Kajal.

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