Kamal Haasan is not a great actor

Director Teja has once again lashed out at the heroes. Known for his outspokenness and the one to call a spade a spade, he revealed the difference between Kamal Haasan and Rajinikanth. He made the shocking comment that in his view Kamal Haasan is not a great actor. “Many believe Kamal Haasan is a great actor but in my view he is not a great actor. This is my personal view. For example Kamal Haasan donned 10 getups in ‘Dashavatar’. All said he did it very well but in these getups only Kamal Haasan was visible, his roles were not. If you see Rajini’s ‘Robot’, movie the robot tries to kill scientist Rajni. It identifies the scientist who appears in the guise of a robot. Here we don’t see Rajini, we see his character. That’s the greatness of the actor. The actor should not be seen, his character should be visible. That’s why I like Rajni,” Teja said.

“Stars don’t become just like that. Unless you work hard, you can’t become a star. However, today many are becoming stars in fluke. But they can’t survive in the industry for long. In my view hero should not be in caravan. Even if his portion is not there, he should sit there and observe what other actors are doing. If those on sets watch acting of other actors, they become real stars. Actors like Amir, Amitabh and Chiranjeevi did the same and they became stars.”

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