Karthikeya loses craze after ‘Hippi’

Rx 100 Karthikeya

With ‘RX 100’ movie a new boy suddenly became the hero. By acting as hero in ‘RX 100’ directed by Ajay Bhupati, Karthikeya not only scored full marks but also created craze about his next movie. However, in ‘Hippi’ released amid high expectations after ‘RX 100’, Karthikeya did not impress with his acting. Moreover, he displayed no emotions and tried to manage by appearing shirtless and showing 6-pack. In this movie Karthikeya got no name and fame as Hippi. He just tried to create a mess with his body.

However, hero Nani and director Vikram Kumar had earlier thought it would be good to take Karthikeya as the villain in their movies. They had taken him as the villain in their film ‘Gang Leader’. With ‘RX100’ Karthikeya created good craze as hero. That time Nani and Vikram thought that if Karthikeya works in their film it will get more popularity. However, there is a talk in film circles that after watching ‘Hippi’ Nani and Vikram Kumar are worried. They are now thinking that it would have been better to take some hero who had two three flop films in their movie as the villain. They are now realizing that they have unnecessarily committed to Karthikeya.

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