Kaushal Army threatens to target ‘Devadas’

For last few days we have been witnessing on social media how fans of a star hero are spreading negative talk about another star hero, passing comments and creating large- scale negative memes on that film. Two years ago, Mahesh’s fans at the time of release of ‘Sardar Gabbar Singh’ and Pawan fans at the time of release of ‘Brahmotsavam’ went berserk on social media. There have been many instances of one hero criticizing the other. However, their action causes no harm to the film. This is just for their enjoyment. In fact, the collections of such film somewhat goes up.

In this context, their hectic activity on social media in the name of ‘Kaushal Army’ is not an ordinary one. Kaushal fans are going wild on social media. In the name of ‘Kaushal Army’ they are abusing other contestants and their fans and even beating up them. In the name of ‘Kaushal Army’ 2K run was also organized in Hyderabad and Vijayawada and this has become a hot topic.

Kaushal fans are posting messages on social media that hero Nani targeted Kaushal in the Big Boss House and that they will target his movie ‘Devadas’. ‘Kaushal Army’ is threatening that if it wants it can cause ‘Devadas’ to flop. Nani’s fans hit back by saying that whatever you do those who want to watch the film will watch and those who don’t want will not watch. Let us see how much impact they will have.

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