Krish falls silent after Balayya blow

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Director Krish has become quiet after making hue and cry over ‘Manikarnika’. He provoked Kangana by asking how can she claim credit for directing ‘Manikarnika’. The differences over direction reached a peak after the release of ‘Manikarnika’. After leaving ‘Manikarnika’ Krish had focused on ‘Kathanayakudu’ and ‘Mahanayakudu’ and leaving no stone unturned he made ‘Kathanaikudu’ with Balakrishna and brought it before the audience. Krish was praised for ‘Kathanayakudu’ but the film did not make collections. As soon as Kathanayakudu got hit talk, Krish started talking about ‘Manikarnika’ which he had left. He told media that he did most of the direction but Kangana had no shame to claim credit for direction. Kangana did not respond to Krish immediately. He made a big hue and cry over ‘Manikarnika’.

Though responding lately, Kangana slammed Krish before media. She said Krish has nothing to do with Manikarnika and alleged that the film lost out due to him. Similarly she alleged that Bollywood did not support and threatened to expose Bollywood biggies. Krish who launched a verbal attack after the release of ‘Manikarnika’ fell silent without replying to Kangana. According to inside talk Balakrishna is said to be behind Krish falling silent. Balakrishna is said to have told him that when ‘Kathanayakudu’ he had said whatever he wanted to say but in terms of collections we received a big blow. If you don’t leave ‘Manikarnika’ issue there is danger of ‘Mahanayakudu’ meeting the fate of ‘Kathanayakudu’. Balayya also told Krish that after completing the shooting of ‘Mahanayakudu’ and its release he can talks about ‘Manikarnika’. That’s why Krish is said to have kept ‘Manikarnika’ issue aside.

After completing the shooting of ‘Mahanayakudu’ Krish is doing record work. It is said that with Balayya’s advise Krish is not countering Kangana. While there is good talk that ‘Mahanayakudu’ has come to a conclusion, he is said to be planning to take the issue of ‘Manikarnika’ before eminent personalities of Bollywood. For last few days the collections of ‘Manikarnika’ have slowed down and there are indications that because of ‘Manikarnika’ producers are suffering losses. Unable to digest this, Kangana is spitting fire against Krish.

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