‘Mahanati’ may face problems in Kollywood


‘Mahanati’ has been released in both Telugu states and overseas amid talk that it will be a sensational hit. Director Nag Ashwin has brilliantly made this movie.  He won the accolades for deftly handling the life of Savitri from her childhood to the film world to the real life. Savitri’s reel life is known to all but not many people know about her real life. In ‘Mahanati’ Nag Ashwin has revealed several interesting aspects of Savitri’s life to the world. Ashwin has fearlessly portrayed in the movie that it was Savitri’s husband Gemini Ganesan who was responsible for her fall after her meteoric rise in the film industry. Though this film, he has shown that Gemini Ganesan was responsible for the Savitri’s sufferings in the last phase of her life.

Ashwin has said all this directly and has shown that he has soft corner for Savitri.  While showing Savitri as a good woman, the director has projected Gemini Ganesan as villain. But what is Nag Ashwin painting Gemini as villain, the fact remains that he was a curse for her life. But will his first wife and children be ready to admit this? Will they agree to ‘Mahanati’ portraying their father as a villain? Gemini Ganesan had four daughters from first wife. Savitri had a son and a daughter. Gemini had married another woman, who gave birth to Bollywood heroine Rekha and another girl Radha. Rekha and Radha may not give any importance to the issue of Gemini Ganesan. Savitri’s children may feel that the film has done justice to her mother but the question in every mind is whether Gemini’s first wife and children will accept this.

Gemini Ganesan was more popular in Tamil than in Telugu. ‘Mahanati’ is being released in Kollywood on Friday. While there may be no problem with the release of film’s Telugu version, there are apprehensions that problems surround ‘Mahanati’ with the release of Kollywood version. There are indications that not just Gemini’s first wife and daughters but also his fans may raise objection. Let us see what happens in Kollywood when ‘Mahanati’ is released there.

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