‘Mahanati’ satellite rights sold for a record price


Early this year, some big films bombed at the box office but from March major films resumed their journey. Ram Charan made a huge beginning this year with ‘Rangasthalam’. Mahesh Babu’s ‘Bharat Aney Nenu’ too achieved similar success. Even before ‘Rangasthalam’ and ‘Bharat Aney Nenu’ wave could abate, Nag Ahswin scored a stormy hit with ‘Mahanati’. Ashwini Dutt’s daughter, who made the film with a budget of only Rs.20 to Rs.30 crore, earned huge money. Nag Ashwin won all hearts by brilliantly making ‘Mahanati’. After ‘Mahanati’, not only big heroes are eyeing Nag Ashwin but mega heroes too are praising him. Chiranjeevi has already congratulated ‘Mahanati’ team while Allu Arjun has even given a treat to ‘Mahanati’ team.

‘Mahanati’ is racing ahead with houseful collections. The satellite rights of this movie had remained unsold till a few days ago. Before film’s release two or three channels competed for a price quoted by Ashwini Dutt but no channel dared to purchase the rights. However, after the film achieved huge success, the satellite rights were sold for Rs.11 crore, though Ashwini Dutt had priced it at Rs.10 crore. Zee channel has secured satellite rights of ‘Mahanati’ for Rs.11 crore. This is not a small thing. The satellite rights of ‘Mahanati’ have been sold for a price at par with the movie of a big hero. The half of the investment Ashwini Dutt made in the making of ‘Mahanati’ has been recovered from satellite rights. These satellite rights show the huge profit Ashwini Dutt has earned through ‘Mahanati’ released last Wednesday

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