Mahesh’s reverse strategy

Mahesh Babu is playing reverse strategy on ‘Maharshi’. If a film doesn’t get positive talk, hero of that film will not be able to swallow it. He gets very dull. That’s what happened. When this is the result of a movie from which there were huge expectations, it is very demoralizing. However, Mahesh is playing reverse strategy on ‘Maharshi’. Showing great confidence with his talk, he raised the collar saying his movie is a matter of pride for him. All know that it is a very routine movie. Everyone is saying that Mahesh’s acting is new but the movie’s story line is like his previous movies.

When a film becomes hit, it is common for fans to raise their collar. But a hero raising collar for his movie becoming hit is something new. Curiosity has already started whether ‘Maharshi’ is really such a great movie that Mahesh should raise his collar. Still Mahesh raised the collar. That’s why the movie’s collections have not dropped and are continuing steady. There was no link between the response to the movie and the collections during first four days. It will not be an exaggeration to say that Mahesh is bringing collections to ‘Maharshi’ which had a mixed response.

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