Mega family bans Boyapati?

Mass director Boyapati’s condition has become horrible. His bad time started when he completed the movie ‘Vinaya Vidhaya Rama’ and released it. With mega family hero Allu Arjun, Boyapati had scored a hit in the form of ‘Sarrainodu’. He made ‘Vinaya Vidheya Rama’ with Ram Charan but this became a big disaster. As a result Boyapati is trying to avoid the public attention. However, now Boyapati is in media because of Ram Charan. The actor released a press note giving an impression that Boyapati is responsible for the failure of ‘Vinaya Vidheya Rama’.

Not just the press note but the news about Boyapati’s unwillingness to give some money back to ‘Vinaya Vidheya Rama’ distributors and the pressure being brought on Boyapati by Charan and producer Danayya is doing rounds in the media for last two days. It is also being said that it was Boyapati’s mistake to spend so much money on ‘Vinaya Vidheya Rama’. After watching the final cut,Ram Charan had cautioned Boyapati but he did not heed him. Charan and producer told Boyapati that some scenes are overdose for the audience but Boyapati remained adamant and this is said to have led to huge setback to ‘Vinaya Vidhaya Rama’.

While this was going on, another news has come out is that mega family has banned Boyapati. According to this news, no mega hero will do films with Boyapati. In the past there was news that Boyapati will make a movie with Allu Arjun and it was also reported that Boyapati will also produce a movie with Chiru. Now with mega heroes banning Boyapati, he will not be able to make movies with Chiru and Allu Arjun. Most of the heroes in the industry are in mega family. In such a situation if the mega family bans Boyapati, he will have a tough time.

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