Mega fans catch Hyper Aadi red-handed

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Television audiences connect well with Hyper Aadi and laugh out at his punches. However, with the same speed Aadi’s punches create controversies many a time. On many occasion he punches at those sitting on the stage. Aadi does not spare Anasuya, Roja, team leaders and team members. Hyper Aadi who romances with fresh anchors and fresh actors and deliver the punches, has been caught red-handed by mega fans. He delivered a direct punch at Nagababu, who quit ‘Jabardast’ to be the judge for ‘Adirindi’ show. This has become a key in the hands of mega fans.

In ‘Jabardast’ episode telecasted last week, Hyper Aadi as part of a skit delivered a series of punches. They were not ordinary ones. Watching the programme makes it clear that these punches were aimed at former judge Nagababu. As part of the skit, Hyper Aadi targets the contestants in his team and other contestants by a dialogue asking the staff to carry them away. Not stopping at that, he asked the staff the take away anchors and judges. “You can also start a show like Kudirindi,” he commented taking a dig at Nagababu’s ‘Adirindi’ show. His punch has not only become viral over social media but it fell into the hands of mega fans. Anasuya and Roja laughing out loudly over Aadi’s punch has become even bigger hot topic. It remains to be seen if Aadi becomes a target of mega fans or he succeeds in pacifying them.

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