Mega fans too blame Nagababu

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Nagababu is making provocative remarks about Balakrishna. He recently stated that he doesn’t know who is Balakrishna. Two days ago Nagababu posted a video on the social media, once again targeting Balakrishna. Balakrishna fans are hitting out at Nagababu. Nagababu’s post on social media went viral within minutes.

‘Kattukathalu konni…kalpanalu inkonni…chuttanela…mootagattanela…nijam kakkaleni biopikkulu vaddamma ..Viswadabhirama…vinaraa maamaaa.’ This was how he made satirical comment about Balakrishna. After watching this Balayya fans felt this was clearly aimed at Balayya and targeted Nagababu.

Some elderly personalities in the film industry are of the opinion that it will be better to put a full stop to the war between Nagababu and Balakrishna. The war between Nandamuri and Mega fans, which was so far confined to the social media, has now spilled over to the debates being telecast on channels. Balayya’s diehard fans and Mega’s ardent fans are creating a fuss over the channels. It is significant to note that Mega fans have also expressed their opinion that it was not proper for Nagababu to make such comments. Mega fans also feel that Nagababu is targeting Balayya to join Jana Sena and to earn appreciation of Pawan Kalyan. What has become hop topic is the view by Mega fans that it will be better if Nagababu keeps quiet.

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