Nagababu determined to beat ‘Jabardast’

‘Nagababu, who pulled out of ‘Jabardast’, is getting ready to beat this show. He has become judge for a new programme ‘Adirindi’ on Zee channel and he has decided to somehow topple ‘Jabardast’. From ‘Adirindi’ promo it looks copy paste of ‘Jabardast’. After coming out of ‘Jabardast’ Nagababu got highlighted with videos and some news or the other every day. Even in the promo of ‘Adirindi’ Nagababu has been highlighted. It was believed that Anasuya will be the anchor for this programme but television actress Sameera is doing the anchoring. Nagababu is using daughter Niharika’s craze to promote ‘Adirindi’ which is scheduled to be launched on Sunday.

Zee Telugu telecasted a new promo, which shows that Niharika on her birthday will be coming as a guest for this show. The promo shows Niharika appearing on stage with Niharika Niharika song, Nagababu giving flying kiss, anchor Sameera telling her to came as a special guest, who is that special guest and Niharika saying you are my family. Niharika delivering the dialogue ‘it is not important how many are there but it is important who are there. All this shows Nagababu is using his daughter’s craze for ‘Adirindi’. Like ‘Jabardast’ skits, here Dhanraj, Venu and RP are doing the scripts as team leaders. In another week’s time we will know if Nagababu succeeds in dealing a blow to ‘Jabardast’ or not.

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