Nandamuri Mokshagnya shocks fans

There have been reports for a long time about Balakrishna’s son Nandamuri Mokshagnya’s film debut. During promotions of some films when Balakrishna was asked as to when his son will make the debut, he just replied ‘very soon’. However, he did not give any time.

To prepare himself for the entry, Mokshagnya is losing the weight, building his body, learning the acting and the dance. However, according to the latest news which has gone viral in Tollywood and shocked many, Mokshagna said that he wants to enter business and has made it clear that he is not interested in becoming a hero.

This has shocked Nandamuri fans. Mokshagna is said to have attended the classes at the insistence of his father and after that he became busy with his daily routine. Recently a leading English newspaper carried a special story ‘ Mokshagnya care of coffee shop’. Only they know how far these reports about Mokshagnya are true. We have to wait and see how Balayya reacts to this.

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