Nani’s low collections compared to Chaitu

After hat-trick disasters, Naga Chaitanya recently scored a hit with ‘Majili’. As ‘Majili’ became a hit, Chaitu has come into the form. Meanwhile, Nani, who had a flop with ‘Krishnarjun Yuddham’ last year, has now scored a hit with ‘Jersey’ released on Friday. Compared to Nani’s market, Chaitu’s market is small. Nani had a flop after 7-8 movies. ‘Majili’ on the first day became the first movie in Chaitu’s career to record highest collections on the first day. Nani had a good opening with the first day of ‘Jersey’. However, both Chaitu and Nani came before the audience with the movies made with cricket backdrop. In ‘Majili’ the hero quits cricket for the sake of love and finally becomes coach. But in ‘Jersey’ hero quits cricket to marry, loses job and then returns to cricket for the sake of his son and becomes successful.

Both the movies had good collections in the Telugu states on the first day but in US premiers, Nani’s ‘Jersey’ could not overtake ‘Majili’. According to trade sources, in US premier shows ‘Majili’ collected 1,63,000 dollars, but ‘Jersey’ could collect only 1,43,632 dollars in 132 locations. Nani has good market in overseas but in US premiers it was lagging due to ‘Kanchana 3’. Raghava impressed the audience with ‘Kanchana’ series and hence with audience taking keen interest in ‘Kanchana 3’, the collections of ‘Jersey’ were low. But finally ‘Kanchana 3’ fizzled out in front of ‘Jersey’

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