Nani’s remuneration to be less than NTR

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NTR hosted Big Boss season 1. With NTR declining to be the host for Big Boss season 2, the team has given this responsibility to Nani. He has agreed to do season 2. Huge remuneration is paid for Big Boss show. For season 1, NTR was given Rs.9 crore. Then how much Nani will be paid?

Usually, hero Nani takes Rs.7 crore to Rs.9 crore as remuneration for each film. However, it is learnt that Nani has committed to host Big Boss show for Rs.3.5 crore remuneration.

The shooting of this show is done two days a week. That means the entire work will be not be for more than a month. Isn’t it called more money in short time. However, the artists for season 2 have not been finalized. These details will be known soon.

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