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It is surprising that director Sujeeth, who made ‘Run Raja Run’ with Sharwanand had to wait for five years for his second film. Sujeeth said in an interview recently that he never thought that doing a movie with star hero like Prabhas will take this long.

Sujeeth said that he is not thinking now of the delay. He also revealed that before the start of the film he was not sitting idle but was busy every day with pre-production work. He said that what one learns in 10 films, he learnt in just one film ‘Sahoo’. Sujeeth said he was happy to work with worldwide technicians for this movie. “I narrated this story to Prabhas before the release of ‘Baahubali’ but meanwhile ‘Baahubali’ was released and became a big hit. After achieving this huge success, Prabhas’ image changed but I have not made any changes in the script,” he said. “However, Prabhas’ market got widened and hence I made this movie on a large scale but did not make any changes to the script,” he added. Sujeeth also claimed that working with big technicians for this film put no pressure on him.

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