No match for Arjun Reddy

Vijay Devarkonda made a beginning as an average hero in ‘Pelli Choopulu’. After a flop film in between, he became a youth star with ‘Arjun Reddy’. In Arjun Reddy’s role, Vijay Devarkonda overnight became a youth icon. One can go on and on about Arjun Reddy and Vijay Devarkonda. With clean shave and as a student and lover, he impressed everyone. As a doctor who lost his lover and in rough look with a grown beard, he was equally impressive. Finally with the death of his grandmother, he gets clarity about life and starts giving importance to family. He then becomes sensible and marries his lover to settle in the life. With so many variations in one film, he was amazing.

Arjun Reddy movie will witness a remake in Kollywood with Vikram’s son Dhruv as hero and Bala as the director. This remake has been given rough title of ‘Varma’. Kollywood Arjun Reddy that is Dhruv Varma has now released the teaser. This teaser is just like the teaser in Telugu. While in Telugu Arjun Reddy the hero plays football while in Tamil Arjun Reddy hockey is the main game. The rest is same. Everything looks okay but Dhruv in Varma is not looking suitable. Vijay was excellent as Arjun Reddy while Dhruv is no match for him. If we see the teaser Dhruv looks unimpressive.

Vijay Devarkonda got huge craze in Arjun Reddy look but it is said that Dhruv in Varma look will definitely get bad name. For Kollywood audience Dhruv may be looking okay in his first movie but Telugu audience are not ready to accept him. Despite rough look, Arjun Reddy had looked impressive. However, Tamil Arjun Reddy is said to be not worth seeing. Dhruv expression, style and looks are no comparison to Arjun Reddy and in fact look funny. Vijay Devarkonda became crazy star with Arjun Reddy. People are asking what Dhruv will become with Tamil Arjun Reddy.

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