What happened to Sahoo’s team

‘Sahoo’ is the first movie of Prabhas after ‘Baahubali’ series. It started as a small movie but to appeal Bollywood its budget was enhanced in a massive manner. For Bollywood viewers the makers roped in Bollywood actors. Music director was also imported from there. Bollywood trio ‘Shankar, Ehsaan, Loy’ were given the responsibility of music. When only two months left for the movie’s release, the producers realized that their music is not in tune with the taste of Telugu people and they were removed.

In their pace, Taman and Gibran were brought. It remains to be seen how far they succeed in attracting Bollywood film lovers. So far no proper promotion has been done for this movie. There is no buzz about this movie. Since it has Prabhas, there will be anyway craze in Telugu. However, unless they do huge promotion in Bollywood, people may not watch this movie. They are hoping that with the release of trailers and songs,  there will be some buzz. As they say fruit of patience is always sweet. However, some movies despite the delay fail to live up to the expectations.

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