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Sankranti season means a compulsory buzz by big films. 4 films have already released this Sankranti.  ‘NTR Kathanaikudu’ was released on January 9 while Rajni’s ‘Petta’ hit the screens the next day. ‘Vinaya Vidhaya Rama’ staring Ram Charan was released on January 11 and Venkatesh Varun Tej F2, Fun and frustration released yesterday

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There was no use of doing promotion for ‘Kathanaikudu’. Though the film received good feedback, it reached only NTR’s fans. It has not appealed the common audiences. ‘Petta’ evoked mixed response. The film is being highly appreciated in Tamil Nadu but here the talk is divided. It is being said that Rajini has gone back into his old avatar, his acting is good but the routine story bores the audience at some points. Moreover, there was no publicity whatsoever for this film in Telugu.

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Coming to ‘Vinaya Vidhaya Rama’ , while the promotion for the movie was good, it evoked mixed response among people. Fans are praising the movie but anti-fans are spreading the talk that it is a disaster. In another two days we will know the result of this movie. Meanwhile, all eyes are on ‘F2’ which was released yesterday, though it is running with mixed response , the biggest minus for this film is lack of promotion. Dil Raju will be usually be at the forefront in promoting films but this time he is not. Why is that no one is taking interest in promotions.

telugu post telugu news

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