‘No’ to Bunny, ‘Yes’ to Nani

It is known to all that a film is coming in the combination of Allu Arjun and Vikram K. Kumar. However, before this project, Vikram Kumar planned to do a film with Nani. But this film could not go to the sets. Meanwhile, Nani became busy with his films while Vikram was working on the story for Bunny. Bunny did not like the second half of the story narrated by Vikram. He changed the story many times but Bunny still did not like it. Meanwhile, with Trivikram’s ‘Aravinda Sametha’ becoming a hit, Bunny committed to do a movie with him. Currently the talks are on about the story.

Vikram finalises movie with Nani

Allu Arjun kept Vikram aside to pick Trivikram. However, there are reports that Vikram has changed his route to commit a film with Nani. The film is said to be almost confirmed in this combination. But, who will be producer, heroine and other actors all these are yet to be decided. There are reports that Nani will do this film after completing ongoing project ‘Jersey’.

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