Nothing to get excited

Rashmika Mandanna was very excited ever since she came to know that she will be acting alongside Mahesh Babu in ‘Sarileru Nekevvaru’. This was because she was doing a star hero movie for the first time and to add to this, it was a big budget film. We have seen her excitement in the film’s promotion. She said she feared dancing with Mahesh, she lavished praise on Mahesh and stated that she learnt a lot from Vijayashanti mandam. Thus she expressed her excitement about ‘Sarileru Nekevvaru’ at every opportunity. However, her role in this movie is not in tune with her excitement. Rashmika looks naughty in the role of Sanskriti but she proved to be a small child in front of Mahesh.

Except ‘did you understand’ mannerism, there is not much comedy in Rashmika’s role. The designing of Rashmika’s role itself is not proper. In the movie she disappears in no time after making an appearance. Her role looks too simple. She acted with enthusiasm but the role looks silly. In terms of looks, she pales before Mahesh. Rashmika somewhat managed in songs with costumes but in the rest of the movie, she is no match. There is nothing in the movie which justifies her excitement. After watching Rashmika’s role we will know why Anil Ravipudi has not taken a star heroine.

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